Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Python MEEP

Python-MEEP is a python wrapper around MEEP's C++ core. I found it difficult to use because
- there weren't many high level functions
- of poor documentation
- I found it awkward using object-oriented programming to 'script' a simulation. I felt like i was writing more code than necessary because I have to create and initialize objects /then/ preform an action with them. Of course, with procedural programming it's just one step.

I found it helpful to read MEEP's C++ help pages since there is a direct correlation to Python-MEEP. However, MEEP's C++ documentation is lacking also.

So why use Python-MEEP? My reason for using Python-MEEP is because I have moved much of my work into the Python environment. Also, I might need to customize MEEP and I think that will be easier using Python.

after some experimentation, it looks like python-meep is going to slow me down towards reaching my goal. i'm no longer enthusiastic about it.


  1. You might be interested to try my Python bindings to Meep. They are object-oriented, but much less awkward to use than Python-MEEP. I reached much the same conclusion as you, that it was more trouble to use Python-MEEP than it was worth.

    My bindings are available on GitHub: https://github.com/ptomato/Pythonic-Meep

    Right now it is more of a proof of concept because only a few functions are implemented, but I have written very thorough documentation so far ;-)

    1. Thanks and great! I hope you continue to develop it.

  2. i am getting segmentation error while running any of the example files of python meep in ubuntu 12.10 , the latest release of ubuntu. i have amd turion x2 processor , 4 gb ram. i have tried increasing the memory limits to unlimited by using the "ulimited" command . but still getting the same error. please help. My email id is ravishaw_kol@yahoo.co.in I am in dire need of python meep for my project , please help.

  3. I too had the same feeling after using MEEP-Python